Studio in Stockholm

Keramikverkstan Lertyg,

Tjärhovsgatan 10, 116 21 Stockholm, Sweden

+46 (0)73 590 93 43

Instagram @cepedaceramics




The prices in the webshop are in Swedish Kronor SEK and to give you an approximate idea, I looked at today February 10, 2024. To convert  SEK 100 = Euro 8.86, USD 9.55 and GBP 7.57

I ship worldwide with PostNord. Shipping cost will be calculated at checkout based on the weight of items (including packing material) you have in the basket and your delivery location.

When you make an order I will send the tracking number to your email as soon as I have sent the parcel. I send the parcel with the Swedish postal company PostNord and you can track the parcel on until it leaves Sweden. After that on the respective country´s postal company, for example in the US at



If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me on my email, I will try to help you.

Är du i Stockholm kan vi bestämma en dag och tid för ett besök i verkstan, maila mig i så fall.

If you are in Stockholm, email me if you like to make an appointment to visit the studio.