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Liljencrantz Design, Photo Kristofer Johnsson,

Rum, International Edition, Mars 2021


Elle Decoration UK, November Issue 2020

Styling  Sania Pell

Photograhpy Rory Gardiner

Resicence no 5, 2019


My Residence no 1, 2017 Louise Liljencrantz

Residence no 2, 2017


Residence no 10, 2017

Residence no 2, 2018, Elin Kickén

Erica H, photo Osman Tahir

Camilla Krishnaswamy, Alcro

Lotta Aagaton, String

Fashionable Homes, Ann-Sofie Ejdelund

Laura Hammet, Imogen Oates

House and Garden, UK

Modern Luxery Magazine, USA sept 2018

The Primery Essentials, New York, USA

Maud and Mabel, London, UK

 Residence no 5 2019